Coasteering: a Great Way to Explore Anglesey

This is a great way to explore the rocky west coast of Anglesey once you’re kitted out properly. Following the water’s edge, climb from bay to bay, starting with short swims and low level cliff traverses to bigger jumps and swims across coves to small rocky islands. Even just bobbing about in the water forContinue reading “Coasteering: a Great Way to Explore Anglesey”

Gorge Scrambling in the Mountains

Making our way up the rocky terrain of a mountain stream is an exhilarating way to ascend. We hardly notice the height gained! With slides, scrambles and plunge pools, we are too absorbed to notice any exposure. We do wear harnesses, helmets, wetsuits and buoyancy aids, to take full advantage of any challenges we mayContinue reading “Gorge Scrambling in the Mountains”